About Us

The jacapps team blends skills and experience across industries and across disciplines. This means that we understand your business and bring a wide variety of perspectives to your project. We understand technology, marketing and the complete user experience.

Paul Jacobs, President

Paul started this whole thing (with his brother Fred). He applies his decades of media experience to our product’s strategy and makes sure that the focus is always on the client.

Bob Kernen, COO

Bob oversees the whole show. He drives the strategy for jācapps and brings his deep well of media expertise to help our clients realize their mobile vision.

Alex Burnstein, Business Development

Alex gets the ball rolling, assessing client needs and pairing them with the right mobile solution. She combines a great design eye with a marketing approach to sales.

Bryan Steckler, Product Development

Bryan helps bring our clients’ mobile vision to life. His design, UI and project management skills insure that the finished apps exceed the client’s expectations.

Kate Levy, Software Development

Kate makes it all work by finding innovative solutions for our clients’ needs. She seamlessly blends design and code to create elegant, beautiful apps.

Brandon Dalaly, Client Services

Brandon guides clients through design and development.   He will manage the forward progression of your project and is here to answer any questions during the app building process.  When your app is live Brandon can assist with any changes or issues you might have.