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    Podcasting Can Help Your Brand Grow, Here's How

    By: Vince Kattoula There seems to be a podcast for just about every interest out there. With the right content and an effective strategy, a podcast can help grow your brand and even capture new leads. To stay relevant, and to maintain your place as one of the 27 apps...
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    4 Reasons Why Your Radio Station Should Have a Mobile App

    By: Vince Kattoula Investing in mobile apps is crucial because your audience’s attention is literally in the palm of their hand. A mobile app helps your station engage its best listeners, enables new listening occasions (the gym, the house, etc.), and connects your brand with new listeners. Here are some...
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    Mobile Apps Play to the Home Crowd

    By: Vince Kattoula Over the last year or so, mobile apps have followed us from our smartphones and tablets to our cars and homes in multiple ways. We can thank devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home for leading this app revolution into our homes. These devices are capable of...
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    How B2B Apps Can Help Your Business

    By: Vince Kattoula Email has long been the main communication tool for business owners who are constantly on the go. However, mobile apps are becoming powerful tools for accomplishing detailed tasks while out of the office. And increasingly, apps make sense for businesses that never sell directly to consumers, but...
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    It's an App-Eat-App World Out There

    Well, it’s 2017 and, to no one’s surprise, mobile apps are still kind of a big deal. However, per a new report from Flurry, overall app usage seems to be maturing. Sessions were up only 11% over last year; not much of an increase when compared to the 58% increase...