The team at jācapps is immersed in the mobile world all day, every day. And we all have our own insights into how to make your mobile strategy work better. Be sure to stop by our blog each week for some interesting thought starters.

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    Timing is everything: Finding the right moments for mobile marketing

    By: Bob Kernen The smart, forward-thinking people at Google released some interesting statistics on the evolving ways people are using their mobile devices. They isolated four growing “behaviors” that hold tremendous opportunity for broadcasters and their mobile strategies. For quite a while now, we’ve been telling our clients to think...
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    Mobile Apps Drive Revenue

    By: Bob Kernen Nearly three-quarters of adults (and way too many kids) carry smartphones. The Apple and Google app stores each have over 1 million apps. And the average human now spends four years of his life staring at a small, glowing screen. Mobile’s here to stay. So shouldn’t a...
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    Neilsen Enables Your Mobile App

    By: Bob Kernen As 2016 gets started, the opportunities for monetizing your mobile strategy continue to proliferate. One of the biggest changes for radio in the digital space in 2015: the Nielsen SDK. Nielsen has embraced new radio listening patterns by releasing software that, when added to web and mobile...
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    Live365 Forced to Call it Quits

    One of the oldest streaming radio service providers has informed its current broadcasters that it is shutting down at the end of the month. Whether it was for hobby or for business, Live365 was home to just about anyone who wanted to start their own internet radio station. Changing royalty...
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    Radio & Cars - Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

    American radio and the car industry have more in common than most people would initially think. Throughout the 20th century there were many challenges both these industries faced but they have survived and thrived, proving they are both highly profitable legacy industries. However, despite their ability to adapt, they are...
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