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    Listening is Shifting Toward Mobile

    Another Monday, another set of data confirming what most of us know intuitively – people really like their smartphones and use them for everything! According to the new “Share of Ear” research from Edison Research, and as reported by Steve Goldstein, 19% of audio consumption is on the smartphone. That...
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    Surviving the Modern Dashboard

    Ginny Morris, Chairman & CEO of Hubbard Radio, said that she "worries more about connected cars than about streaming services.” After all the technological advancements radio has survived, the “connected car” may be the most challenging. For a while now, consumers have had the option to connect their smartphones to...
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    The OS in Your Car

    By: Bob Kernen At this late date in the digital revolution, most of us have made our decisions about the tech we like – you’re either a Mac person or a PC person, an iPhone person or an Android person. The new choice consumers are now being asked to make...
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    5 Reasons Mobile Ads Fail

    All the statistics say the same thing: advertisers are moving to mobile. It is the fastest growing ad medium by far, with 49% growth forecast for this year. The mobile platform is tremendously powerful, but the problem is that most mobile advertising sucks. Here are some of the reasons why...
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    5 Questions to Ask Your Mobile Developer

    By: Bob Kernen Choosing someone to help you plan and execute your mobile strategy can be daunting. If you’re like most media or agency people you mostly know about mobile as a user. You may be super-smart about digital in general, but mobile is a challenging beast. So before you...