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    63% of App Users Become Inactive Within 30 Days

    By: Bob Kernen An interesting confluence of news over the past couple of weeks got me thinking about the state of mobile technology in our lives. The first was a study from Localytics, the analytics and push-messaging platform many of you use, about app retention rates. According to their research,...
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    Having an App Is Only Half the Battle

    By: Vinson Kattoula Mobile is now the leading digital platform. The convenience of smartphones and tablets (and increasingly their interfaces with wearables, the connected car, and smart home systems) has seismically shifted the digital media landscape. The app market, however, is continues changing and remains a challenging environment for lots...
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    Apps Are the Best Way into the Connected Car

    By: Vinson Kattoula Last year Gartner made the claim that by 2020, there will be a quarter billion connected vehicles on the road. We learned back in March that 72% of media executives anticipate moderate or massive digital disruption within the following 12 months. The logical outcome of this equation...
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    CarPlay and Android Auto Have Taken over the Car

    By: Bob Kernen In case you missed our announcement earlier this summer, jacapps is now offering our apps with integration into Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto. As a company that lives down the hall from the connected car leaders at Jacobs Media, this has been a great tech adventure...
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    Happy National Radio Day!

    Tomorrow is National Radio Day, and at jacapps, that’s a big deal. On our way to becoming Michigan’s second largest app developer, our relationship with radio has been key. We have over 350 radio station clients and more than half of our apps are dedicated to radio stations. Several inventors...