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    5 Podcasts You Should Start Listening to Today

    Podcasting, a once-obscure method of consuming audio, has become a leading medium for distributing audio content, whether for business or personal use. With hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there, it can be quite intimidating when it comes time to find the next one to listen to. Since 42% of...
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    10 Mobile Apps for Your Summer Travels

    We have said before that people bring their phones with them everywhere they go. As summer quickly approaches, don’t forget to make the most out of mobile when making your vacation plans. There are many apps you can take with you which can save you much headache as you plan...
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    New Mobile App Intends to be the “Pandora” of Stand-Up Comedy

    There’s a new mobile app, called, which allows listeners to stream stand-up comedy routines to their mobile phones similar to how Pandora lets people to stream music. The founder, Dave Scott, actually became a stand-up comedian himself which is what inspired him to create the app. will include...
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    Mobile Can Help Connect Your Local Message to Your Listeners

    By: Bob Kernen At jācapps I’ve been talking about the importance of location technology for over two years. Ever since I saw a demonstration of iBeacon technology at a Mobile Mondays program in 2013, I’ve been convinced that it is the next big thing. It makes perfect sense. The devices...