New App Usage Data Continues To Spell Opportunity For Radio
By | November 1st, 2012

A recent article in TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) took a look at a study from Flurry about mobile app loyalty and usage.  It says a great deal about how consumers use mobile apps, and it’s worthy of your attention – especially if your brand has embraced mobile.

Jacobs Media’s Techsurvey8 offered a great deal of information about mobile apps and radio listeners.  We learned, for example, that more that 90% of smartphone owners download apps.  And we also learned that many radio listeners download a variety of “radio apps.”

But as apps have become more ubiquitous, the conversation about whether consumers use their apps and with what frequency becomes more relevant.  Many radio operators worry that their apps won’t be used or noticed by their fans.

Thanks to Flurry, we have some great information to share:

Note the strong retention for apps that feature news, sports scores, and weather.  That’s why in the apps that we’ve developed for brands like WTOPWEEIWGRWGN, and WWL, this real-time information is a key component.  The WWL app is especially smart because it features live radar coverage of hurricanes – essential information if you live in New Orleans – or care about people who are there.  These apps for spoken word brands need to do much more than just stream.

But look at the frequency of use data on streaming music apps.  It’s huge – near the top of the chart – and that says a great deal about how consumers use their smartphones, and the apps they go to with regularity.

This continues to spell opportunity for radio – whether it is aggregated apps like iHeartRadio and TuneIn or individual apps similar to the kind we craft at jacAPPS.  Yes, it is early days for mobile, especiallly in the revenue generation department, but that should not discourage broadasters from enthusiastically embracing apps.

The fact is, radio is fortunate to have the ability to participate in this mobile movement.  And it is of significance that the types of apps radio brands create are of value to millions of consumers walking around with iPhones and the thousands of different Android handsets.

Great brands shouldn’t worry.  But they should be doing the following:

Embracing the mobile movement

Designing an app (or apps) that reflects the uniqueness and essence of their brand

Promoting their app in the same spirit you would if hundreds or thousands of new cumers were moving into the market each week.  That’s the equivalent of consumers who are upgrading from flip phones, moving up to better smartphones, and buying tablets.

Buying a traditional AM/FM radio has become a challenge.  If you don’t believe me, walk into any Best Buy and see for yourself.  But availability of our brands on smartphones, tablets, and by extension, “digital dashboards,” is one of the most important things to happen to our business since the advent of the Sony Walkman.

Yes, I realize there are speed bumps along the way – measurement, streaming challenges, and revenue generation.  We’re in the midst of a mobile tsunami and no one knows precisely how it will sort out.

But we know where the puck is going – and that’s to a connected mobile future where everyone’s content needs to be available on these crazy, hot devices where the user experience is paramount.

That, you can take to the bank.

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