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Apps are taking over more and more of our digital interactions. We already spend 86% of our smartphone time using apps. Now apps are moving on to other devices. Whether it’s smartTVs, wear-ables like the Apple Watch or our increasingly “connected cars” apps are everywhere.


jācapps is pleased to offer a new way to monetize your apps. XAPP Ads are interactive audio ads that enable a listener to responde to ads using just their voice. If the ad or offer is interesting to the consumer, they can simply speak to engage.

  • Custom Apps

    The smartphone revolution has changed everything, including your relationships with your client, customers and your staff. A mobile application will help you make and maintain the connection you need. Interact instantly and provide the content and tools to drive your business.

    Once upon a time it was enough to just have an app. That’s not enough anymore.

    Your app has to deliver – relationships, revenue, your product – that’s why we don’t just make an app for your business, we make the right app. One that delivers to your goals and supports and extends your brand. One that sets you apart and assures your customers that they made the right choice going with you.

    We know that one-size-fits-all solutions rarely fit very well.

    Our Custom Apps
    Custom Apps

  • Radio Apps

    The most important digital real estate today is the smartphone. It’s critical that your brand be represented on the media platform most central to most consumers. Don’t just be one of hundreds in someone else’s aggregated environment. Have your own app for your brand.

    Our all new V4 platform for radio is the best way to represent your brand in mobile. Far more than access to your streams, these customizable apps provide the perfect way to engage your audience. Integrated social media allows your listeners to see your social stream and interact without ever leaving the app. And get your audience involved with our Upstream package that allows them to send you audio, video and photos.

    Our customizable interface means that your app can be unique, and can present your best content front and center, whatever that content may be. You can have your own branded app at a surprisingly affordable price.

    Our Radio Apps
    Radio Apps

  • Healthcare Apps

    An app that connects patients to your hospital is a major step in building this key relationship. Be the first hospital your patient thinks of, and make it easy and efficient for them to find you, your doctors, your services.

    Provide a More Efficient Hospital Interaction

    The “Recovery Tracker” app provides a unique tool for patients of your centers of excellence. Whether orthopedic, cardiac or other specialty patients, this tool helps the patient manage and monitor the progress of their recovery.

    The “Family Health Manager” is a tool designed for the head of a household to keep track of her whole family’s health, including appointments, immunizations, condition management, and other elements.

    Solidify your relationship with your patients.

    Our Healthcare Apps
    Healthcare Apps

  • Local Guides

    Finding eating, entertainment and shopping options nearby is a key mobile utility. Leverage your company’s brand authority and expertise to provide this much-desired information at your audience’s fingertips.

    Become a go-to information source for your consumers

    Help them find restaurants, bars, entertainment options and attractions, as well as shopping options, sports venues and other key local businesses. These guides can support push notifications that will help keep your brand top-of-mind.

    These apps offer multiple channels for revenue generation with enhanced listings, sponsorships and lead generation.

    Become one of the tools your consumers use regularly

    Our Local Guides
    Local Guides