Local Guides

Finding eating, entertainment and shopping options nearby is a key mobile utility. Leverage your company’s brand authority and expertise to provide this much-desired information at your audience’s fingertips.

Become a go-to information source for your consumers

Help them find restaurants, bars, entertainment options and attractions, as well as shopping options, sports venues and other key local businesses. These guides can support push notifications that will help keep your brand top-of-mind.

These apps offer multiple channels for revenue generation with enhanced listings, sponsorships and lead generation.

Become one of the tools your consumers use regularly

  • Food Tripping

    Created with the sustainable lifestyle non-profit SHFT, this app is designed to help people in search of healthy eating options find the best places near them. Combining databases for farmers’ markets, vegetarian restaurants, markets and other establishments this app makes it easy for the user to find the healthy food options near them.... read more »

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    Food Tripping

  • KISW - Beer Finder

    KISW – Beer Finder – Part of a custom app for rock radio station KISW, this app-within-an-app helps listeners find where they can get the station’s own branded beer, Men’s Room Red. The list of locations is automatically updated as new locations are added. The Beer Finder is a great example of leveraging a brand in a new and unusual way.... read more »

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    KISW - Beer Finder

  • 420-101

    420-101 – An app designed to help consumers find the nearest medical marijuana location. Driven by a national database of locations, the app helps users find local dispensaries and other information.... read more »

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