jācapps is pleased to offer a new way to monetize your apps. XAPP Ads are interactive audio ads that enable a listener to respond to ads using just their voice. If the ad or offer is interesting to the consumer, they can simply speak to engage. No more fumbling with unlocking the phone or trying to remember a URL or phone number. Respond with your voice and you will be instantly connected to the advertiser or offer.


XAPP Ad’s drive a new level of advertising effectiveness. Responding to a XAPP Ad is simple, convenient and spontaneous. Imagine a listener hearing an ad while driving and being able to respond instantly without taking their eyes off the road. They don’t have to remember a phone number, so the advertiser doesn’t have to waste ad time endlessly repeating the number. With a few simple words, listeners can get more information about a product or call directly without touching the phone.


XAPP Ad interactions include “call now,” “more info,” “send email,” “send coupon,” “download app,” “go to page,” or even, “buy now.” These amazing ads work over Bluetooth, through headphones or even while the phone is in the user’s pocket.

jacapps, XAPP and Entercom recently ran a very successful pilot of the XAPP Ads platform. You can see the details here.




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