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By | November 11th, 2011

According to a study from mobile ad network Jumptap and comScore, consumers are becoming more comfortable shopping and banking on their mobile devices.

With banking, just one in eight consumers was willing to access banking, credit card, or other financial information from their mobile device last year. This year it has increased to one in six people willing to bank on the go in 2011.

For shopping, 31 percent of mobile owners are making purchase on the go. (The percentage of tablet owners is higher due to the larger device factor that makes it more comfortable for consumers to make purchases on.)

So what are they purchasing?

Jumptap’s study looked at the most popular mobile purchases. Here’s the top 10:

1)      Event tickets: 38 percent

2)      Daily Deals: 38 percent (tied with Event tickets)

3)      Apparel or Accessories: 36 percent

4)      Travel: 33 percent

5)      Physical copies of books, video games or movies: 33 percent (tied with Travel)

6)      Consumer electronics (TV’s, etc., but excluding mobile devices): 32 percent

7)      Flowers and gifts: 30 percent

8)      Toys: 30 percent (tied with Flowers and gifts)

9)      General services (photo printing, shipping services, etc.): 26 percent

10)  Consumer packaged goods and sports and fitness tie with 25 percent

For more on this study please click here.

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