Digital Research

Our focus on the consumer wouldn’t be very effective if we didn’t invest in understanding what consumers want.  The company’s roots are in research, and we regularly conduct studies to help us understand what is happening – and what’s next – in this dynamic space.

For clients who truly want to understand how to create the most effective mobile strategy, we recommend conducting research before, during, or after the development process is completed.

Ethnography – If you really want to learn about how consumers use their mobile devices, spend a day with them with video cameras.  We did just that in 2010 with Goin’ Mobile.” We observed 18 people in four cities at home, in their cars (oh boy), at work, on the go, and more.  The result is a deep understanding of just how essential mobile devices have become.

Technology Surveys – We’ve been trending opinions and ownership of digital platforms and devices for the past seven years.  Our Technology Polls provide our customers with a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening – and what’s to come – in the digital space.

Usability Studies – If it’s all about the consumer, then they should have a seat at the table.  We bring consumers into our office to test apps on their mobile devices.  This helps refine design, enhances the user experience, and increases their impact.

Customer Studies – Some clients find it necessary to research their target prior to developing an app.  Are your customers more likely to own an iPhone or an Android-based device?  What functions would they find most useful?  How can we differentiate your app from your competition?  These are some of the answers we can generate to better insure your app’s success.  These studies can be conducted online, or in a focus group setting.

  • Digital Research

    Research shows What is happening – and what’s next